Casper, Beauty and Beast Settle In

12th Aug, 20 / First Blue Healthcare

We have always wanted chickens at Bellhurst Cottage, so we were determined to make it happen. We had an old shed that was going to waste that contained lots of old things that would never be used. I spoke to the young person that lives at Bellhurst about renovating the old shed and making it into a chicken coop! The excitement was real. I explained that as soon as we have the coop ready we could get some chickens, and so work began.

We started by emptying the shed and putting everything in the bin. We also had to clean the pen around the shed which was a team effort. It was starting to look much better already. Once we had finished getting rid of all the old things in the shed we could see cracks and holes- we knew these would need fixing before we had the chickens! With some old wood we found, repairs were underway and the potential escape routes were no more. Next on the list was cleaning the inside of the shed. The shed was ready structurally but wasn’t very appeasing to the eye. With the mention of a lick of paint, our young person decided blue was the colour and a consensus amongst the team agreed. Once the paint arrived our young person was straight to work brush in hand to get the job done. Cleaned, painted and restored the coop was ready to welcome our latest additions...

3 chickens arrived to settle in, so along came Casper, Beauty and Beast. They are now living very happily at Bellhurst Cottage in our lovely blue chicken coop!

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